Specialist HVAC Controls

Specialist HVAC Controls

Within the Weatherite Group of Companies we have a HVAC equipment manufacturer, supplying bespoke equipment to a wide range of clients, within a number of sectors. At Weatherite Electrical we design and build the control panels that fit within these packaged cooling solutions-enabling high standards of continuity and quality.

We also offer this facility to a number of additional clients that we work directly for, part curly in terms of replacement panels and enclosures for legacy upgrades or extensions.

All control panel solutions are designed and built to the client’s exact specification within our purpose designed factory using the latest components and equipment and, being an ISO 9001 and ISO14001 accredited company, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our customer services.

Whatever the client requires, we can make it from simple configuration through to complex, multi-application solutions- for any HVAC application.

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We work closely with consultants, contractors and project managers and with our bespoke solutions are frequently the most cost-effective option. Find out more about how we work and how we ensure you get the best solution for your project